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Metalic impressions

Metalic Impressions


One of the few well-known companies in the world that produces the whole range of POPs using cutting-edge technology is MIIPL.

  • Product labeling

  • Compliance labeling

By constantly innovating, paying attention to the little things, and putting a consistent emphasis on customer requirements and design, MIIPL works to maintain this position.



One of the few well-known companies in the world that produce the whole range of POPs using cutting-edge technology is MIIPL. No matter the volume or the specifications, we manufacture and supply any order with the aid of a specifically designed computer-aided system. We have the equipment and resources to make POPs in accordance with global quality standards, as well as the know-how to design the most intricate POP Labels.


Our Product

Vinyl Labels

The superior printing process and product quality allow MIIPL's labels to survive any challenging conditions. We create labels for products, machinery, and equipment that stand out for their extraordinarily high resilience to mechanical or chemical impacts.

Custom vinyl stickers are produced to order and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, including transparent vinyl, white vinyl, chrome vinyl, and others.


Engineering Success

The engineers at MIIPL have been using metal-to-plastic part conversions for many years to cut costs, eliminate parts, reduce weight, and prevent the corrosion problems associated with metal materials. Additionally, switching from metal to plastic can have a big influence on reducing the cost increase brought on by metals' exposure to commodity and tariff variations. As a result, MIIPL decorates plastics using the same metal-to-plastic conversion technique.

MIIPL Expertise

For a variety of industries and applications, MIIPL continues to create unique solutions using this technology. MIIPL has considerable experience with all types and sizes of custom plastic in-mold decorating (IMD).

MIIPL is constantly seeking competitive advantages to solidify its value to its clients and pave the road for fresh commercial ventures. Technology is the best tool for doing this. With the improvements in IMD for durable goods, MIIPL expands chances with clients for greater value addition while also offering customers innovative solutions, frequently at lower cost-to-manufacture.



Ideally, you can use Vinyl labels in industries that require incredibly durable labels like chemical industries and more. These sticky labels can be produced digitally for applications such as:

  • Bottle Labels

  • Can Labels

  • Jar Labels

  • Product labeling

  • Asset Labelling

  • Compliance labeling

  • PAT testing

  • Rating labels

  • Printers and consumables

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