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Metalic impressions

Metalic Impressions


The major applications of metallic films are in the ornamental, food-packaging, and specialised industries like electronics and insulation.

  • Used in packaging

  • Used in Electronics

Metalizing is the process of adding metal to an object's surface. It is done by a physical vapor deposition process. Metallic coatings can be decorative, practical, or protective.



A plethora of metalization knowledge is available from MIIPL. We adhere to the concept of continuous improvement, so our adaptable production and service facilities allow for the development of specialized items and methods to support clients from the beginning of a job to its finish.


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The process of applying metal to an object's surface is known as metalizing. A physical vapor deposition procedure is used to carry it out. Metallic finishes can be aesthetic, useful, or protective.


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MIIPL primarily applies a thin metal layer to metalized polymer films (usually aluminum).

To manufacture and spray the metal coating onto items, we employ the metalizing method. Spraying hardwires for a variety of industries is a good use for metalizing systems.

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MIIPL offers a wealth of metalization expertise. Our flexible production and service facilities allow for the creation of specialized goods and procedures to assist clients from the start of a work to its conclusion since we adhere to the idea of continuous improvement.



The main sectors where metallic films are used are food packaging, electronics, and insulation, as well as decorative and specialty industries.

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