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Membrane Keypad


Membrane Keypad

At MIIPL, we are ready and prepared to quickly react to new and existing customers with the printing and production of their membrane keypad requirements. Our fast reactions are complemented by our quick turnaround sampling service, making us one of the leading membrane keypad manufacturers.

Advantages of Membrane Keypad

Easy Maintenance – T Membrane keypads are much easier to keep clean than other keypads, which tend to attract dirt and grime. Membrane keypads, however, are designed to be smoother, with a completely sealed surface as well.

Versatility and Flexibility – Membrane keypads can be custom-made according to the needs and requirements of clients. What’s more, membrane keypads, unlike rubber or mechanical keypads, can be easily printed from a screen or digitally printed with no compromise on the quality of the graphics.

Better Protection – Membrane keypads are better adapted to harsher or hostile conditions, such as exposure to ultraviolet rays, which often damage an electronic gadget or device.

Easy Repair – One other benefit of membrane keypads is that they are much easier to repair than mechanical ones.

Engineering Success

The membrane keypads MIIPL supplies meet industry standards of reliability, even in the most hostile operating environments. They also increase switch life and reliability without any metal parts.


MIIPL Expertise

They are made from high-quality raw materials and advanced technology to meet all industry benchmarks of quality. Fascia membrane keypads offer reduced bounce on contact and are resistant to dust, water, and chemicals. They also provide a superior finish that increases the visual appeal.

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