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Metalic impressions

Metalic Impressions

IN Mold

IMD is a resin-moulding method that has lately experienced rapid development.

  • Consumer handheld devices

  • Telecommunication devices

Our main line of business is in-mold Decoration (IMD). We employ this method to create sturdy, abrasion- and wear-resistant three-dimensional plastic parts with beautiful finishes. exceeding the strictest OEM quality requirements.



Metalic Impressions has been developing and testing various materials and procedures to hone our IMD technology for many years. As a result, we are now able to provide a dependable, affordable service at all of our locations. Our method produces great image quality while streamlining your production process and lowering operational costs.


Our Product

Custom Plastic In-Mold Decorating (IMD)

During the cycle of plastic injection moulding, in-mold decoration (IMD) is used to decorate or label components or parts made of injection-molded plastic.

By transferring the inks and coating printed on the carrier film that goes through the injection mould's cavity and leaving the required designs printed on the injected component, IMD (In-Mold Decoration) enables us to decorate plastic parts during the injection moulding process. For parts with less intricate geometrical structures, this method complements MFI.


Engineering Success

The engineers at MIIPL have been using metal-to-plastic part conversions for many years in order to cut costs, eliminate parts, reduce weight, and prevent the corrosion problems associated with metal materials. Additionally, switching from metal to plastic can have a big influence on reducing the cost increase brought on by metals' exposure to commodity and tariff variations. As a result, MIIPL adorns plastics using the same metal-to-plastic conversion technique.

MIIPL Expertise

For a variety of industries and applications, MIIPL continues to create unique solutions using this technology. MIIPL has considerable experience with all types and sizes of custom plastic in-mold decorating (IMD).

MIIPL is constantly seeking competitive advantages to solidify its value to its clients and pave the road for fresh commercial ventures. Technology is the best tool for doing this. With the improvements in IMD for durable goods, MIIPL expands chances with clients for greater value addition while also offering customers innovative solutions, frequently at lower cost-to-manufacture.



In-mold decorating (IMD), used by numerous industries in a variety of applications, has emerged as the procedure of choice for high-quality, long-lasting labelling and graphics. A few examples are as follows:

  • Medical devices

  • Automotive components

  • Consumer products

  • Consumer handheld devices

  • Plastic housings

  • Telecommunication devices

  • Plastic packaging

  • Instrument panels

  • Domestic Appliance

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