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Metalic impressions

Metalic Impressions


Metalic Impressions creates enduring, top-notch unique graphic overlays that can withstand any climate.

  • Enhanced Design

  • Improved Quality

Typically, Graphic Overlays consist of an adhesive layer and a printed layer behind it.



An essential printed interface on mechanical and electrical assemblies that enables the user to smoothly engage with the tool, machine, or equipment is a graphic overlay, sometimes referred to as a panel overlay.


Our Product

Graphic Overlays

MIIPL is a leading manufacturer and designer of Graphic Overlays on a global scale. We produce high-quality goods using a variety of production processes. Your particular needs will determine the process and materials utilized.


Engineering Success

For many years, MIIPL has produced high-quality Graphic Overlays for a variety of goods and sectors. We take pleasure in investing in the most recent technology to enable us to produce the highest-quality, unique goods by the needs of our customers.

MIIPL Expertise

Who says you can't obtain both a lot and good stuff quickly?

You may get high-quality goods in significant quantities using Graphic Overlays from MIIPL at a reasonable price. Our goods are offered in a variety of specifications to satisfy customer needs. With a personalized prototype, your project can get started straight away.


Manufacturing and Application

Typically, Graphic Overlays are made up of an adhesive layer and an undersurface printed layer. They can include internal cutouts and transparent or tinted windows that allow the overlay to display a machine display, as well as buttons, dials, or knobs.

The switch overlays should be color-matched to the machine they are being placed in and may be manufactured with a variety of print finishes, such as textured appearance or gloss/matte.

The typical user interface between the hardware and software of a control system is a keypad or keyboard. Backlighting considerably improves the product's or user interface's visual impact.

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