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Metalic impressions

Metalic Impressions


The most advanced printing technology is used to create magnificent custom printed glass items.

  • Unlimited Color Range

  • Improves Appearance

With our glass printing services, you may use your imagination to create a fun and interesting image for your home or place of business.



To improve the appearance, text, logos, graphics, and photos are directly printed on glass.


Our Product

Glass Printing

Any digital image can be permanently reproduced on glass through the process of glass printing.

It means that you may easily design an area where you can create an illustration, a texture imitation, geometric & abstract patterns, or even photographs on a glass panel that can be quickly mounted on a microwave or washing machine.


Engineering Success

We maintain a straightforward method so that everyone may use their imagination and exhibit their uniqueness in their creations. This enables us produce the greatest glass printing, along with our principles of innovation, cooperation, and perfection.

MIIPL Expertise

By enabling them to use cutting-edge glass technology to realise their own creative visions, MIIPL is dedicated to pleasing its clients.

Since its inception, we have worked on projects ranging from commercial fit-outs to microwaves and washing machines.



Where can I utilize glass prints? Glass will always possess prints on it. They are typically employed as interior or exterior decoration. Glass printing is frequently used to make reception signage and other marketing and branding materials for offices.

Making applications with a lot of colors is one of the common uses of glass printing today. Printing on the glass of a microwave or washing machine is a very distinctive technique that can give the product a high-quality, streamlined appearance.

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