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High-Pressure Forming is part of the Film Insert Molding (FIM) process, enabling the fabrication of plastic parts with a polished surface and integrated functionality. During this method, a plastic film, usually decorated with prints, is shaped and trimmed before being set in an injection molding tool for one up to three-component injection molding.



  • Complex 3D decorative and functional plastic parts
  • Enormous accuracy in shape and positioning
  • Extensive flexibility in design and decoration
  • Best scratch characteristics and chemical resistance for the first surface
  • Backlighting possibilities for symbols, graphics, and pattern


Engineering Success

Molding of film inserts consists of various steps. The key step for film insert molding is the precise forming of films with the help of high-pressure air before injection molding.



MIIPL Expertise

With the development of the process, MIIPL brought high-pressure molding technology to life. Our comprehensive knowledge of technology and broad engineering expertise will ensure the success of your project.


Our Recent Work

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