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Metalic impressions

Metalic Impressions


We provide a unique selection of chrome-plated emblems.

  • Brandmark logos

  • Wordmark logos

To guarantee that your completed personalised symbol appears exactly as desired, a broad choice of styles and treatments are offered.

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We are a leading manufacturer of custom chrome-plated emblems, nameplates, and badges for automobiles, recreational vehicles, grills, and large machinery.


Our Product


Custom metal emblems are created to decorate all the equipment that lets you accomplish what you do are one of MIIPL's finest quality, eye-catching goods for your business. These badges are constructed of sturdy materials and feature designs by top-tier designers who produce emblems particular to your brand.


Engineering Success

The MIIPL has experience working with a variety of consumer and industrial items, focusing particularly on the automobile, furniture, retail, display, consumer product, and equipment industries.

MIIPL Expertise

Leading nameplate and emblem producer MIIPL offers decorative chrome finish items and top-notch customer support. We separate from other emblem makers thanks to our high-quality standards, prompt delivery, and continuously low prices. Since we have internal experts in every step of the design, molding, assembly, and decoration processes, we can make almost any chrome-plated product.


Advantages & Applications

To guarantee that your finished personalised emblem appears exactly as required, a wide choice of styles and treatments are offered.

The traditional glossy chrome look or a range of finishes are both options. It is also possible to paint chrome emblems, which results in an incredibly attractive coloured finish with real depth.

Any symbol, nameplate, label badge, or vehicle emblem can be made by MIIPL. In order to give finished objects a chromed, satin, battered, brushed, or antiqued appearance, we plate and paint them.

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