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Metalic impressions

Metalic Impressions


Why can't switch plates be appealing when everyone utilizes them?

  • Alternative for the switch panels

  • Varied specifications

You may find a large variety of designs, finishes, and configurations at Metalic Impressions to suit any stylistic preference.

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Metalic impressions has criss-crossed the country many dozens of times to find you the world's largest selection of decorative Switch plates in configuration you need!


Our Product

Decorative Switch Plates

Due to their exceptional durability, finish, and design, the switch plate series we've provided is highly sought after in the industry.

MIIPL guarantees that you will receive a pretty contemporary decorative switch plate thanks to its simple design and exceptional lifespan. We use durable materials, and each switch plate is put through a quality check before being sent to the customer.


Engineering Success

Decorative switch plates are a terrific, lightweight alternative for the switch panel and are constructed of 100% premium material. You are able to maximise the functionality of your product with precise cutouts and slim designs. Our efficient layout, superb craftsmanship, and robust material provide double enjoyment in terms of both aesthetics and use.

MIIPL Expertise

MIIPL manufactures premium quality mobile windows and switch plates that are made for maximum durability and protection. With the help of our experienced team, we present an extensive series of mobile windows or decorative switch plates. Our products are available in varied specifications that meet consumer’s demands.


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